Thursday, May 30, 2013


Recent research carried out by the ZF, as part of our campaign calling on the EU and UK Government to proscribe the IRG (Iranian Revolutionary Guards) as a terrorist group shows definitive proof that the IRG has been active in Syria, defending the brutal and murderous Syrian regime of Bashar Al Assad. You can read our 'IRG in Syria' briefing sheet research here.

The IRG have been providing fighters, weapons and training to the Assad regime and the Iranian proxy terrorist organisation created by the IRG in the 1980s, Hezbollah. This has played a major role in the massacres Assad has carried out against his own people during a bloody civil war and has also led to Assad using groups like the IRG and Hezbollah to attack Israel.
The EU and UK must proscribe the IRG as a terrorist organisation. This would weaken the chances of Syria becoming a place for Iran to launch terror attacks on the UK, other EU nations and Israel. If the EU and UK did this they would be protecting the security of its citizens, standing up to terrorism and choking off funding to the IRG, its supporters and the terrorist groups it aids.
Chairman of the ZF, Paul Charney stated ““We must prevent Syria from becoming a terrorist training camp for Iran and the IRG. This would allow for extremism and violence to spread worldwide especially across the UK and EU. Proscribing the IRG as a terrorist organisation would be a great step towards protecting our national security and would send a firm message in standing up against terrorism”.

You can learn about the ZF campaign here , view our overall campaign briefing sheet calling on the IRG to be listed as a terrorist organisation here, read our press release on the campaign here, like our facebook page here and see our petition here.