Wednesday, January 19, 2011


In Page & Moy's latest Wildlife & Culture Travel Brochure they advertise a trip to 'Cairo & the Red Sea'. In the map of the area the letters J and part of O of Jordan are over Israeli territory. The ZF spoke with Page & Moy who assured us that this was not a political statement and was only for graphical convenience, and nor did they mean to cause offence. They have assured us that they will be amending this map in all future brochures.

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To see the brochure in its original form see page 30.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


A past graduate of the ZF 6th form programme is currently serving in the IDF and has contacted the ZF asking us to send letters to the soldiers who are currently on their Officers course. These young people have to go through rigorous training for 2 months and subsequently are signing up for an extra year in the army. Here is an excerpt of her email to us:
The soldiers in Officers school are giving up extra time of their lives in order to DO more. They are the best of the best and they don't even realise it. I plan on letting them know the importance of what they're doing as some of them are feeling very down. The desert gets very cold at nights and only this week some of them suffered from frostbite.
We are asking you to write letters of gratitude to give them motivation and to thank them for defending Israel. The best way of sending the letters is by emailing them to by Thursday 13th January, so that we can present them in time for their graduation at the end of January.


This advert recently appeared in the new National Geographic Traveler magazine. It gives the following false impressions:
• that Palestine is a country
• that Jerusalem is part of Palestine
• that Palestine extends from the Med to the Jordan
• this advertisement would mislead tourists, since on travelling to territory controlled by the Palestinian Authority, they would not find the sites and facilities which the advertisement promotes
As you may remember, the Advertising Authority Agency recent banned an Israeli Government Tourist Office advert for that all of the areas featured on the map were part of the state of Israel.
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Please send reasoned complaints to the ASA regarding this advert.
Complaints can be made here

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