Tuesday, August 13, 2013


The ZF has recently learnt of attempts by The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) to place pressure on Southern Water to terminate its contract with Israeli company, Arad Group using misguided information.  Arad Group supply world leading water meters to more than 50 countries around the world.   The PSC have persuaded Caroline Lucas MP to join their efforts in attempting to boycott the Israeli company, stating that using Arad water meters is at the expense of Palestinian Human Rights.

We have invited our members, particularly those served by Southern Water to write as appropriate to Southern Water showing their support for Arad Group. Southern Water is required to and subsequently confirmed that they have awarded its contract for the supply of water meters to Arad Group on the basis of economical advantage. The suggestion that Southern Water should use an alternative supplier due to political considerations would be illegal under UK and EU law.

Paul Charney, ZF Chairman, stated that “The call to boycott Arad Group discriminates on the basis of nationality.  This is not only illegal in the UK but certainly immoral to the right minded. We must not allow distortions of the truth to mislead public opinion and ultimately place pressure on misguided politicians to support boycotts of Israel.”

The ZF will make every effort to inform MPs and the public of the truth regarding water supplies. Together with UK Lawyers for Israel, we will provide first hand resources and legal research confirming as such. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


The ZF were appalled by remarks made by Paul Murphy, an Irish socialist MEP, calling for another Palestinian Intifada.

In his statement last week to Russia Today, Mr Murphy stated “You’ve seen significant protest, significant movement, the potential to redevelop a struggle along the lines of the first Intifada”.  Murphy’s remarks are inciting indiscriminate violence against Israeli and Palestinian civilians. His call to armed struggle is irresponsible and dangerous, especially for a man in his position.

Chairman of the ZF, Paul Charney stated “Mr Murphy’s remarks glorifying the Intifada and justifying it as an alternative to peace talks is disgraceful and highly irresponsible. It dangerously incites the masses to violence, at a time in the Middle East where war and terror is all too common. I call on the Irish Socialist Party to deal swiftly with this issue by publicly confirming that they support peace and further condemn Mr Murphy by stating that his comments are unacceptable”.

The ZF will continue to speak out against those glorifying terrorism.