Tuesday, June 25, 2013


The ZF (Zionist Federation) is running a writing course on Sunday 21st July 2013 to help Israel advocates do their bit to support Israel in the media. The writing course is being led by David Harris, an experienced multimedia journalist on Israel and the wider Middle East. During his time as a journalist David has interviewed Tony Blair and Shimon Peres, amongst many others. David is currently the Director of Research and Content for The Israel Project.

The 30 people who had to apply to take part in this unique writing course will be expertly trained on how best to write and submit op-eds, top tips for blogging, letter writing and effective use of social media, in particular facebook and twitter.

Executive Director of the ZF, Alan Aziz said, “In the constant battle against delegitimisation of Israel the pen is mightier than the sword. Therefore, the ZF is committed to telling the true message of Israel to the media. Through our writing course we want to give Israel’s UK supporters the tools to make Israel’s case in the press”.

The ZF also holds numerous other training courses designed to help people stand up for Israel in the UK. This includes our Knowledge Seminar that will be taking place in October 2013 and our yearly Spokesperson training course.

David Harris will be available for interview.

Photos in high and low resolution will be available from the writing course. 

Friday, June 14, 2013


Claire Lomas, a paraplegic who completed the London Marathon will be visiting Israel for the first time ever where the technology made this amazing feat possible.

The ReWalk was famously used by Claire Lomas in the 2012 London Marathon, where it took her 16 days to cross the finish line.

In February 2013, as part of the ZF’s (Zionist Federation) Science Week, Claire Lomas had the chance to meet the inventor of the ReWalk suit Amit Goffer. Explaining the difference Goffer’s invention had made to her, Claire said, “It has been the best year of my life - and I never thought that would happen after my accident. I met (London Mayor) Boris Johnson, (Prime Minister) David Cameron and (London 2012 chairman) Seb Coe when I lit the cauldron and I met them all at eye level. You can see a clip from this meeting here, which also shows her completing the London Marathon.

During the ZF trip, alongside 40 other attendees, Claire will have the chance to meet the head of the BBC in Israel, Gilad Shalit and the inventor of the Iron Dome, Brig. Gen. Danny Gold, alongside many other high profile speakers including high profile journalists and politicians.  

Claire will also be visiting the Technion University in Haifa where a lot of the technology for the ReWalk was developed and whilst at Technion will be trialling new technology to help the paralysed. Claire will also be meeting with the company who invented the Rewalk, Argo Medical Technologies.

Executive Director of the ZF, Alan Aziz said “The ZF wanted to give Claire the chance to see the country that helped transform her life and we believed our Israel trip was the perfect way of achieving this”.

Claire will be available for interview in Israel from next week or upon her return. If you would like to cover the story or interview Claire Lomas, please contact our Executive Director Alan Aziz either by his Israeli telephone number 00972526000444 or via email at alan@zfuk.org.

Pictures of Claire Lomas’s visit to Israel will be available in both high resolution and low resolution. If you would like any pictures please contact Alan Aziz.

Monday, June 10, 2013


The Zionist Federation were shocked to hear of the antisemitism of Patrick Mercer MP during a recent BBC panorama programme. During the documentary Mr Mercer was secretly filmed recounting a story of an encounter with a female IDF soldier. He said he told the soldier “You don’t look like a soldier to me. You look like a bloody Jew”.

Chairman of the ZF, Paul Charney said “disgusting antisemitic remarks like this are completely unacceptable, especially from a member of Parliament. I call on Mr Mercer to make a public apology to Jews worldwide and in particular to the Israeli soldier he insulted”.

The ZF and all its UK members will always speak out against antisemitism.

The ZF will be offering spokespeople to the media.

Stephen Hoffman

Campaigns Officer, Zionist Federation UK
020 8202 0202 / www.zionist.org.uk

Friday, June 7, 2013


Over 70 young professionals attended the first ever Israel Connect Lobby of Parliament, held in partnership with Christian Friends of Israel (CFI). Those attending heard from 6 MPs including the new chair of Labour Friends of Israel, Anne McGuire, and the Deputy Israeli Ambassador to the UK, Alon-Roth Snir, about their support for Israel. Those attending were also expertly informed about what they can do to support Israel in the UK through lobbying their MP.

Alan Aziz, Director of the ZF said “Alongside our partners at CFI we will continue to reach out to young professionals so that they can speak up for Israel. At a time when Israel needs our support more than ever, those who attended this event to speak up for Israel in Parliament made a real difference. We will continue to ensure that Israel’s voice is heard in Parliament”.

Robin Benson, Head of Communications at CFI and Jacob Vince the Director of CFI stated “Once again Christian Friends of Israel (UK) was privileged and honoured to work alongside the ZF and Israel Connect in supporting the first young adults lobby of Parliament. At this critical time in the history of Israel and the Jewish people it was heartening to have over 70 people coming together in this way”.

John Connolly who attended the event said “It was wonderful to see such cross-party support for Israel. Young friends of Israel, who often have to deal with hostility on campus, should be heartened to see the level of backing we have. I thank the ZF and CFI for bringing young people of all shades of opinion together in supporting Israel".

Photos attached from the event. More pictures available upon request by emailing stephen@zfuk.org. High resolution photos also available.

The ZF through its young professionals branch Israel Connect will continue to bring young people closer to Israel in the UK.