Tuesday, June 25, 2013


The ZF (Zionist Federation) is running a writing course on Sunday 21st July 2013 to help Israel advocates do their bit to support Israel in the media. The writing course is being led by David Harris, an experienced multimedia journalist on Israel and the wider Middle East. During his time as a journalist David has interviewed Tony Blair and Shimon Peres, amongst many others. David is currently the Director of Research and Content for The Israel Project.

The 30 people who had to apply to take part in this unique writing course will be expertly trained on how best to write and submit op-eds, top tips for blogging, letter writing and effective use of social media, in particular facebook and twitter.

Executive Director of the ZF, Alan Aziz said, “In the constant battle against delegitimisation of Israel the pen is mightier than the sword. Therefore, the ZF is committed to telling the true message of Israel to the media. Through our writing course we want to give Israel’s UK supporters the tools to make Israel’s case in the press”.

The ZF also holds numerous other training courses designed to help people stand up for Israel in the UK. This includes our Knowledge Seminar that will be taking place in October 2013 and our yearly Spokesperson training course.

David Harris will be available for interview.

Photos in high and low resolution will be available from the writing course.