Tuesday, May 4, 2010


The Zionist Federation unreservedly condemns the attack  on  the Deputy Ambassador of the State of Israel last night. It calls on the police and the University to take the strictest possible action against these would-be deniers of free speech. Those reponsible must be sent down from the unversity and prosecuted if responsible for criminal damage.
It is the abject failure of university Vice Chancellors to deal with extremism which fuels this kind of hateful action. Do we have to have serious injury or a death before Vice Chancellors see that the right to protest does not include the right to endanger life and limb?
The ZF again calls on Universities UK to stop extremist action at Universities; if it cannot, the next government has to step in quickly.  The Universities were asked to act in 2006, in the Report of the All Party Committee on Antisemitism. But - as was shown last night and as is shown by the numbers of former Islamic Society activists who have been arrested and/or charged for terrorist offences - inaction opens  the door to campus extremism.