Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Allies: Hezbollah and the EU

Guest post by Peter Mullen - Christian supporter of the state of Israel.

I imagined when the other day I suggested that the West’s proposal to arm the Syrian rebels is a mistake, my words would be universally welcomed as a useless statement of the obvious. Well, the same day the EU announced that it would indeed give assistance to the assorted secularist, Sunnis, Salafists and Al Q’aeda fighters, the Russians exhibited newsreel of their firing of advanced SS300 surface-to-air missiles. The next day Russia declared it would supply these weapons to Assad to deter “hotheads” who might be tempted to intervene on Assad’s side. These hotheads are the foreign ministers of the EU.
Grant that the EU’s apparent willingness to supply weapons which will soon fall into the hands of local terrorists is potentially catastrophic, is there nothing that the EU might do which would actually be useful? There is, but they have repeatedly refused to do it. Why don’t the EU ministers declare the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to be what it is, a terrorist organisation, and add it to the their list of proscriptions? There is proof of the IRG’s meddling in Syria where it defends what the EU describes as “the brutal and murderous regime of Bashar Al Assad.” The IRG have been providing fighters, weapons and training to the Assad regime and to Hezbollah, the Iranian proxy terrorist organisation created by the IRG in the 1980s. Hezbollah ,“The Party of Allah,” has helped perpetrate many massacres during the Syrian civil war.

As distinguish between one terrorist organisation and another, we might as well try to judge between a louse and a flea. But this is precisely what the EU does as its policies will greatly assist the Sunni, Salafist and Al Q’aeda terrorists currently waging was in Syria. By refusing to proscribe the IRG, EU foreign ministers are lending the strongest support possible to the dictator Assad whose removal they claim to desire. Thus, their left hand does not know what their right hand is doing. But then, of course, in the EU both hands are Left.