Thursday, May 9, 2013

Paul Charney Letter on the ZF'S Iranian Revolutionary Guards Campaign

Dear Sir,

In light of the recent judgement and conviction of key members of the IRG (Iranian Revolutionary Guards) for its plot in targeting the Israeli Embassy in Kenya, it is clear that the IRG is acting with impunity and freedom in its terrorist activities worldwide.

Considering its major role in assisting Hezbollah in the 2012 attack in Burgas, which killed five Israelis and one Bulgarian, it’s clear that the IRG is an active and dangerous international terrorist organisation. Further, considering its supply of weapons to the Taliban, used to target British servicemen in Afghanistan, one cannot ignore the threat the IRG poses internationally.

Recently the ZF launched a campaign calling on the UK Government and the EU to formally label the IRG as a terrorist group. If the EU and UK refuse to act to proscribe the IRG then this will send a clear message for them to continue to spread terror across Europe and the world.

If you want to take part in our campaign we urge you to write to your MP and MEP on this important matter, as well as sign our petition here and read our research on the matter here:

Yours sincerely 

Paul Charney