Friday, April 16, 2010


(In conjunction with Christian Friends of Israel)

1. Regardless of which candidate you may vote for, it would be very helpful if you-preferably in conjunction with some of your neighbouring colleagues (who must reside within the same constituency)- meet briefly with each of the mainstream party candidates to ascertain their attitudes on some or all of the issues mentioned below. The principal reason is to keep track on not only the next MP for your area but also on those aspiring to Parliament, either in the constituency you live in or- as inevitably many unsuccessful candidates do-where they move on to what they perceive as a more winnable seat. Your notes of their response will be helpful for our community in the future.

2. Organising hustings meetings after an election has been called is very unlikely to be accommodated in the candidate’s crowded programme, but holding a brief meeting with concerned constituents from a faith/religious community will usually be allotted in as each candidate will want to maximise their potential votes. Logically, asking for such a meeting-the best way to approach the candidate directly or through their agent-should be undertaken as soon as possible, rather than leaving it to the last few days before polling. If the candidate has already been approached, ask if he/she will either include you in the meeting or arrange for you to see any notes made by those who have already requested the meeting. Please remember you are dong so as concerned Jewish constituents.

3. In any constituency in which there is a BNP candidate attending for election, it is vital that all members of the community use their vote wisely. Ask neighbours and friends in the constituency to spread the word throughout the wider community: ‘Please use your vote for any of the mainstream parties’. Further details are available from the ‘Hope not hate’ campaign-which is supported by the Board – at

4. Discussing the following issues with candidates may result in their asking questions about the matters concerned or aspects of the subjects. If you are unsure of the facts, indicate that you will arrange for a briefing sheet to be sent to them and then please let us know the information required and the contact details for the candidate(s) concerned. We will ensure that such briefing notes are sent to them regardless of whether they are successful or not, after the 6th May, though if a candidate-should they become the constituency’s MP- post the election, to hold more detailed discussions on the suggested and other subjects of interest or concern.

5. If you have any questions- please do not hesitate to either email or call the Zionist Federation (0208 202 0202) and ask to leave a message for Eric Moonman or email or call the Board of Deputies (0207 543 5400) to ask for advice or guidance. And please remember to notify your findings to the Zionist Federation requesting it is forwarded onto the Board of Deputies Elections Desk.


1) Israel & Middle East
[a] Have you visited Israel and or the Palestinian Administrated Territories?
[b] What is your position on Israel, its security concerns etc?
[c] Do you favour a two state solution: Israel and Palestine?
[d] Will you support strong sanctions being taken against Iran as long as it pursues nuclear ambitions?
[e] Would you agree ‘no recognition’ of Hamas & Hezbollah until each renounce terrorism?
[f] Do you oppose the campaign for an academic boycott of Israel?
[g] What is your view of calls for boycott of Israeli products and goods?
[h] Will you support legislation on Universal Jurisdiction making action against suspected war criminals subject to the approval of the Attorney General/DPP?

2) Anti Semitism & Racism (optional)
[a] Are you aware of the scale of the problem including a record number of race hate incidents against Jewish people and property last year (924 incidents-CST Annual Report)
[b] What suggestions would you make to help combat anti Semitism?
[c] What initiatives would you consider to tackle racism in general?