Thursday, April 22, 2010


How can Israel respond to the strategic multi-dimensional campaign against it that is increasing in intensity daily?
D.J Schneeweiss, Israel's Coordinator of Anti-Boycott Strategy in Europe recently told Hadar-Israel that "we must respond to every challenge and in every arena," and that citizen action can play a crucial role.
"Israel's enemies are trying to change the rules of the game" by laundering their anti-Israel positions through use of human rights language and universal values rather than facts, Schneeweiss said. Their strategic goal is to tear asunder Israel's legitimacy. We must be ready to combat the lies that are being spread.
Israel's self-defense in response to missile attacks from terrorist armies exceeds international law standards according to IDF Lieutenant Colonel (res.) David Benjamin who was legal advisor to the IDF in Gaza for many years. Benjamin told Hadar-Israel that the good news is that, so far, Israel is winning the war against terrorist attacks despite having one hand tied behind its back, as it fully adheres to international law and basic moral standards, while its enemies do not. 
The two spoke about combating terrorism, the Goldstone Report, and more at Hadar-Israel's most recent forum in Jerusalem. The event was headlined by international human rights lawyer Irwin Cotler on the topic "Lawfare! Fighting False Legal Actions and Boycotts that Demonize Israel."

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