Monday, July 22, 2013


Over 30 ZF activists who had to apply for the courseattended the ZF’S 2013 writing course, run by David Harris. David is an experienced multimedia journalist on Israel and the wider Middle East. During his time as a journalist David has interviewed Tony Blair and Shimon Peres, amongst many others. David is currently the Director of Research and Content for The Israel Project.

During the course people were trained on how best to write Op-Eds, letters, blogs and how to utilise social media effectively to advocate for Israel. The writing course is one of a series of training programs that the ZF offers during the year.

ZF Director, Alan Aziz said “this writing course gave activists the opportunity to realise the power of the written word to be able to tell the truth about Israel. In the constant struggle against those who hate Israel the pen really is mightier than the sword”.

Participant Andrei Voica stated “David Harris gave precious knowledge on how to write an Op-Ed and what are the best tactics to be applied when it comes to using social-media. The ZF team, as always, proved to be outstanding organisers”.

The ZF will continue to train people to stand up for Israel in the UK.

More photos in both high and low resolution available upon request.