Monday, July 8, 2013


On Monday 1st July Paul Charney, ZF Chairman, met with Patrick Mercer MP. This meeting was arranged following reports of anti-Semitic remarks made by Mr Mercer.

Mr Mercer gave a heartfelt apology to Mr Charney, the ZF and the entire Jewish community admitting his remarks were thoughtless, stupid and insensitive. Mr Mercer spoke at length to Mr Charney expressing his admiration for Israel and the Jewish people.

Mr Mercer confirmed that he will stand up for Israel in Parliament, which should illustrate his support for both Israel and the Jewish community in the UK.

ZF Chairman Paul Charney stated, “In my meeting with Patrick Mercer it was clear to me that he was deeply sorry for any offence his comments caused.  The ZF accept his apology and will work with him to show that he is a valued friend of Israel and Jewish people”.

The ZF will continue to make Israel ’s voice heard in Parliament.