Wednesday, February 27, 2013



At the last ZF National Council meeting on Monday 25th February 2013, representatives of member organisations of the Zionist Federation voted on and rejected the application of Yachad to become an affiliated organisation of the ZF. This was done in accordance with the Constitution of the ZF.

Each member organisation was given the opportunity to consider Yachad’s application, as was agreed in the last National Council meeting two months ago. The representatives of each member organisation went back to their base to consult and make a decision.  Following on from this they came back to the National Council meeting to cast their vote.

It is important to note that despite claims by Yachads statement, the ZF strongly supports peace in the Middle East and the two state solution.  To say that we do not is factually incorrect. 

Paul Charney, Chairman of the ZF said “each member of the National Council took the issue of Yachad becoming an affiliate member of the ZF to its organisations and discussed the matter in detail. They then came together to vote on the matter and in accordance with the constitution voted to reject Yachad’s application.” 

The ZF and all its members will continue to advocate on behalf of Israel across the UK.