Thursday, February 21, 2013



On Wednesday, George Galloway who is still the MP for Bradford West, well known for demonising Israel based on falsehoods and blind hatred as well as supporting dictators like Basher Assad and Saddam Hussein in the past, showed his racist views towards Israelis.

On Wednesday night, in a debate organised by Oxford Union, Mr Galloway walked out of a debate after he initially spoke in favour of the motion ‘Israel should withdraw immediately from the West Bank' before giving way to Eylon Aslan-Levy. After three minutes into Aslan-Levy’s speech against the motion, Galloway interrupted, asking, "Is he an Israeli, are you an Israeli? " Mr Galloway went on to interrupt Aslan-Levy’s speech saying, “I don’t debate with Israelis. I have been misled.” He then left the room with only his wife following him. A video of the incident in question can be seen here: . We find Mr Galloway's treatment of Eylon Aslan-Levy and by his words of all Israelis unacceptable.

Paul Charney, Chairman of The ZF said “George Galloway’s refusal to debate with an Israeli student is absolutely disgraceful and clearly xenophobic. The incident shows a man consumed by hatred of Israel, who undermines freedom of speech as he fears his lies and demonisation of Israel being exposed. “

Philip Gardner, a student at Kings University, will be debating with George Galloway about Israel at the university next Wednesday evening. As Philip is not Israeli or Jewish, we look forward to hearing the debate in full.

The ZF and all its members will continue to stand up to those who attack Israel