Monday, December 17, 2012


On Sunday 16th December at 7.30pm, El Al and The Zionist Federation are holding an event together to mark the fantastic achievements of the UK’s Chief Rabbi, Lord Jonathan Sacks.
For many years Lord Sacks has been a fantastic ambassador for the Jewish community in the UK and worldwide. He has also helped bring people in the UK closer to Israel through his passionate and eloquent defence of Zionism. It is important that his efforts are recognised and El and ZF hopes this event goes some way to achieving this. To make this occasion as joyous as possible there will be high quality musical entertainment throughout the evening.
Zionist Federation Director Alan Aziz said, “The Zionist Federation is delighted to partner with El Al to celebrate the exceptional work of the Chief Rabbi. I look forward to working closely with El Al now and in the future to bring Israel closer to those living in the UK.”
This exciting occasion would not have been possible without the hard work of El Al. President and CEO of El Al General Elyezer Shkedy who was previously Commander of Chief for the Israeli Air force stated, “El Al is proud to work with The Zionist Federation to recognise the achievements of the Chief Rabbi. We will continue to work with The Zionist Federation so that the connection between the UK Jewish community and Israel is strengthened.”
The Zionist Federation and all its members will always stand with Israel and ensure its voice is heard in the UK.
On Sunday 16th December from 3pm to 6pm the Jewish community thanks to the vision of El Al will get the chance to make a little bit of history by writing a letter inscribed with their name to complete a special Sefer Torah. Alongside this amazing opportunity, there will be high class musical entertainment provided, as well as children activities and refreshments. This is all for free.
This groundbreaking Sefer Torah will be used as an emergency torah for those Jewish communities across the world who require it in times of need and distress. The Zionist Federation is proud to support this laudable project by El Al that will make sure that Jews across the world will never be alone. When there is an emergency in the world Israel is normally the first on the scene offering their expert help, and a team is always flown from El Al to help in these important efforts. This Torah follows in the best of these traditions through travelling with the El Al team on these emergency missions.
 El Al President and CEO General Elyezer Shkedy who was previously Commander of Chief for the Israeli Air force said, “As a global airline El Al is fortunate to have many Jewish passengers from across the world. We wanted to make sure that in their times of need we could help ensure the vitality of Jewish communities across the world. I am sure the UK Jewish community will play a major part in this.”
Zionist Federation director Alan Aziz stated, “The Zionist Federation has partnered with El Al so that the Jewish community in the UK can contribute to an extraordinary Sefer Torah. I believe this torah will help bring disparate Jewish communities closer together then ever before.”
The Zionist Federation will continue to hold events to ensure the vitality of the worldwide Jewish community and to ensure that it remains united.