Monday, December 17, 2012



Hamas is holding a rally in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) today.

This should be a matter of grave concern for the international community, given Hamas’ antisemitic character (as evidenced in its Charter), refusal to accept Israel’s right to exist and rejection of any peace initiative. 

If proof was ever needed - after Mahmoud Abbas’s rejectionist Palestinian UN bid that he is not interested in peace - then this is it. By allowing a highly provocative Hamas rally, Fatah is condoning Hamas’ repugnant principles. With Hamas still firing rockets into Israel and killing Israeli citizens, this rally is inciting terrorism and poses a very real security risk to Israel. It also shows the error of the UN to admit the Palestinian Authority into the community of nations, considering Abbas’s anti-Israel views expressed in his UN speech, and that he has tamely given Hamas a platform for its odious views in the West Bank.

The rally celebrates Hamas’s 25th anniversary. It includes speeches from senior Hamas leaders who have been involved with terrorism, made vile antisemitic remarks and are on record as calling for the destruction of Israel. It is hard to imagine anything more designed to obstruct peace, with many of those involved having blood on their hands. As Fatah is in control of the West Bank, it bears full responsibility.

Zionist Federation Chairman Paul Charney said: “This sham ‘reconciliation’ between Fatah and Hamas simply underlines the fact that Mahmoud Abbas has no interest in living in peace with Israel. If he did he would return to the negotiating table now and condemn Hamas’ commitment to Israel ’s destruction. He would find a willing negotiator in Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, who has shown a willingness to talk with a credible peace partner.”

The Zionist Federation and all its UK members will always stand with Israel and challenge those who are not interested in peace.