Tuesday, November 19, 2013


The ZF today highlighted the latest example of a BDS fail, in which extreme pro-Palestinian activists who claim to support Boycotts, Sanctions and Divestment against Israel fail to practice what they preach. The most recent stumbling block for those committed to singling out the Jewish state is how to make an anti-Israel website without using Israeli technology.
For example, the website of the Cornell University branch of ‘Students for Justice in Palestine’ explains that the group’s campaigns include boycotting skincare products, soft drink manufacturers, and even hummus. Or the ‘Palestinian Holocaust Museum’ website, which presumably is opposed to any recognition of Israel since it promotes the baseless assertion that Zionists have committed genocide against the Palestinians.
What do these two websites have in common? They were both constructed using Wix: an Israeli website-building programme, based in (where else?) Tel Aviv.
Paul Charney, ZF chairman said:

“The misguided BDS campaign to ostracise Israel has hit another snag, as yet again rabid pro-Palestinians find that living without the benefits of the Start-Up Nation might not be as easy as they’d hoped. Supporters of peace should be pleased, since boycotting Israel does nothing to help the two sides reconcile.”