Monday, April 29, 2013


The ZF has launched a campaign calling on the EU and the UK Government to proscribe the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRG) as a terrorist organisation.

We are calling on the EU and the UK to proscribe the IRG as a terrorist organisation due to it being a leader in state sponsored terrorism. The IRG has also been active in sponsoring and supporting terrorism including in Europe, as well as targeting the UK, through attacks on UK soldiers. It is also a major funder and trainer of international terrorist groups including Hezbollah and Hamas, making it a major protagonist in global terrorism.

Paul Charney, Chairman of the ZF said, “The EU and the UK must take practical steps to deal with international terrorism. By proscribing the IRG, it would be showing its commitment to fighting terrorism and protecting the security of EU citizens”.

The ZF and all its UK members will continue to campaign for the EU and the UK to take a stand against international terrorism.

Further information on our campaign can be found here - and if you’d like to take part in our campaign against international terrorism you can sign the petition here