Tuesday, December 6, 2011


The Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that the website of the Palestine Authority Mission to the UK was misleading.
The violations of the CAP Code included an interactive graphic showing Palestine covering the whole territory from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea, erasing Israel from the map. The website also described Jaffa as “a Palestinian Arab city … military occupied by Israel since 1948”. There were also misleading statements regarding Jerusalem, Hebron and Bethlehem.
The website was changed shortly before the ruling was confirmed.
Alan Aziz, Director of the Zionist Federation said:
“We welcome this finding and thank the members of the ZF who submitted complaints. It is vitally important that the British public receives accurate information about the Middle East.”
Jonathan Turner, Head of the ZF’s legal group, said:
“The ASA should be congratulated on its careful and impartial scrutiny. Too often we are on the defensive against attacks on Israel and Israeli organisations. As this ruling shows, those who attack us should pay more attention to failings in their own camp. We will examine the revised website as well as other advertising and if necessary make further complaints.”
We have images from the website prior to it being changed available upon request.
The Zionist Federation has spokespeople available for comment at your disposal both in the UK and in Israel. During office hours please email Stefan@zfuk.org or call 020 8202 0202. For out of office times please call Stefan Kerner on 07767 370 620 or Alan Aziz on 07768 946 868.