Tuesday, September 6, 2011


The Zionist Federation is appalled at Turkey’s expulsion of Israel’s Ambassador and suspension of military agreements in the aftermath of the publication of the UN's Palmer Report. The Turkish Government is playing a very dangerous political game at Israel’s expense and has proved its complete hypocrisy with its recent treatment of the Kurdish population - highlighting its own abysmal record on human rights.
Israel and Turkey have shared strong relations for many years and it is worrying that the relationship has deteriorated under the Erdogan Government. Calls by Turkey for Israel to issue public apologies are shown by the Report to be completely unwarranted. Indeed they represent unhelpful and potentially dangerous political gains.
The Zionist Federation welcomes the conclusions of the Palmer Report that the naval blockade of the Gaza Strip is both legal and justified. The report confirms that Israel has the right to defend itself and its border and acted accordingly during the Flotilla crisis last year.  The organisers of the flotilla were criticised in the Report as reckless for attempting to break the blockade. The Report also questioned the true motives of the IHH.