Thursday, June 2, 2011


The Zionist Federation is disgusted by UCU's attempt to redefine the definition of antisemitism. Under the MacPherson Definition of 'Racism', every minority has the right to identify what constitutes racism against it.
The ZF further condemns UCU's illegal and discriminatory "Threats to academic freedom in Israel and Palestine" motion passed on 29th May, promoting an academic and cultural boycott of Israel and prompting the circulation of pro-boycott materials.  As noted by Academic Friends of Israel, the motion is "in breach of discrimination and equality legislation and also outside the aims and objects of the union".
By passing this motion, the University and College Union has confirmed that it is institutionally antisemitic.
We note the lengths that the Union will go to in order to pursue its highly questionable political agenda
The ZF urges University Vice-Chancellors to withdraw from negotiations with UCU until this blatantly racist vote is rescinded.
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