Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Israel Science Days for Students in 4 cities
The ZF annual Israel Science Days 2011, will be taking place on Monday 28th February through to Thursday 3rd March
in Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and London attracting nearly two thousand people, mainly students.
Four world-class Israeli scientists will talk about their unique ground-breaking research and resulting implementation in the fields of cancer treatment, stem cells, the heart, etc.
They will bring added colour and completely new information to the subjects, enlightening and surprising not only the students but also their teachers.
All talks will be illustrated by colourful PowerPoint presentations, and students will have the opportunity to ask questions and talk to the speakers.
The Speakers are:
Professor Smadar Cohen                Repairing broken hearts by biomaterials
Professor Yechzkiel Barenholz       Targeted Nanodrugs in cancer patients
Dr Shoshana Merchav                      Stem cell therapy
Professor Michel Revel                    New approaches in treating Multiple Sclerosis 
Thursday 3rd March is in London and is a free event designed for years 12 and 13, to enhance interest in, and greater understanding of the A-Level Biology course,
with the latest developments in the field of medicine in Israel. There will be over 1000 students at this one event.
There will be an exhibition (open from 10 am – 5 pm), including films, power points and wall-mounted items, with exhibits from universities
and teaching hospitals throughout Israel, showing the latest developments and treatments which are used all over the world.
Every student will receive a booklet with details of the talks and exhibits and each school participating will receive books on Israel for their libraries.
Apart from the Science days, The four Scientists will be addressing school students in each city,
as well as visiting different campuses around the UK and speaking to many medical students and doctors.
Large community events will be held every evening in each of the regions.
For more information please contact Alan Aziz, Executive Director for the ZF UK: 07768946868 or  urgent@zfuk.org