Thursday, February 3, 2011

Message from HE Ron Prosor, Ambassador of Israel to the Court of St James’s

I am delighted to send my warmest wishes on the occasion of the dedication of Reverend William Hechler’s gravestone.
Britain and Israel enjoyed a friendship long before the establishment of the State of Israel, as a result of the committed efforts of British Christian Zionists. Marking Reverend Hechler’s prominent place in the rich tradition of Christian Zionism in Britain, on the eightieth anniversary of his passing, is especially timely.
The support he gave to Theodor Herzl is symbolic of the understanding that is found today among our Christian friends, of the eternal connection that exists between the Jewish People and Eretz Yisrael.
The People of Israel deeply value your solidarity. You are friends who stand with us as we face the challenges of the future, who share with us a love of the Holy Land, and who lend your principled and unwavering support.
I commend the work of all of the organisations involved in this important act of remembrance.
Shalom Aleichem – may Reverend Hechler’s memory be blessed.