Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Statement on the Lebanese border incident of 3rd August 2010

The Zionist Federation regrets yesterday's escalation of hostility on the Lebanese/Israeli border, in particular the loss of life.

We send our condolences to the family of Lt. Col (Res.) Dov Harari and our prayers for recovery to Captain Ezra Lakia. We also recognise the loss of life on the Lebanese side.

The ZF is gravely concerned about the way the incident has been reported in the media, in particular the general failure to report the comments of an UNIFIL spokesman that Israel notified them of the intention to carry out maintenance work to prune trees, and that UNIFIL passed that information on to the Lebanese army.

UNIFIL also say they are of the opinion that the Israeli forces were on the Israeli side of the border and that this is currently being verified. They also confirm that it was the Lebanese army who opened fire. Despite that, many news agencies and newspapers have attempted to blame Israel for the escalation.

We call on all those who have misreported this incident to issue a correction.

We are astonished that the Lebanese army arranged for a journalist to be with them. This suggests that this legitimate and notified action by the Israelis may have been used as an opportunity for an escalation.

If this is indeed the case it is deplorable.

The Zionist Federation has spokespeople available for television, radio and written press upon request.