Thursday, February 26, 2009


Buenos Aires, 25th. February 2009
Dear Mr. Andrew Balcombe,
We really appreciate your mail where we can notice your fear about our Community in Argentina.Graffitis on the walls of the cities streets, songs against Israel and against Jewish people,poisoned articles in the web -sites and flyers,meetings raising Hezbolla and Hamas´ flags.
Step by step we´ve been working on these antisemitic demonstrations with a section of Argentina National Government named INADI ( National  Discrimination Institute) and with another people of the Government as well.
As you know all Latin America has made a notorious change because of the last political machines in the region(Venezuela-Hugo Chavez;Bolivia-Evo Morales etc.) whose policy represent a potential dangerous in every way.This huge antisemitic wave is spreading all the time,everywhere.
In Argentina we had had two terrorist attacks inspired by Iran terrorist regime.Iran,the best Hugo Chavez friend.
In 1992 :The Israeli Embassy in Argentina
In 1994 :A.M.I.A.(Argentina Israeli Social Assistance Headquarters)120 years in Argentina giving assistance,resources and jobs to everybody, jewish or not. 
After the end of the Second World War there were many antisemitic acts in Argentina.64 years went by!!!
OSA (Argentina Zionist Organisation) and some more jewish organisations were always defending the rights of Israel State and doing many demonstrations:different events,marchs with Israeli flags,newspaper advertisments,magazines,speeches,hasbara,etc, as the Jewish Community has been always unconditional with Medinat Israel.
Best Wishes
Carlos Frauman
President  of  AZO (Argentina Zionist Organisation) -   Buenos Aires - Argentina CABA