Monday, December 1, 2008


On Wednesday night a sham carol service was held at St James Piccadilly with the words of the carols changed to demonise Israel. The event was organised by a coalition of anti-Israel groups including one that includes "Jews" in its title. ZF members, calling themselves JBIG (Jews for Buying Israeli Goods) staged a demo at the entrance to the church in Piccadilly before the event. They had Israeli flags and gave out leaflets for the Israeli Street Market (14-16 Dec, 10.30-5, outside Waitrose, London NW11). Not many of the audience to the sham carol service were interested but plenty of passers-by were. The church was reportedly only half full with no more than 100 people. The ZF counter demonstrators deterred at least five people from buying tickets and going in, by persuading them that it was far from a normal carol service.